History of our Parish

We have a long and interesting history!


The Land for St Teresa’s was purchased in 1926 for £600! At the time , the Catholic Community of North Bristol was in the care of the Friars Minor of St. Bonaventure’s Bishopston. A Presbytery and temporary church were built in 1927 and St Teresa of Lisieux, who was canonised in 1925, was chosen as patron, one of the first parishes in the world to claim the name of the ‘Little Flower’. After the Second World War, the population of North Bristol had grown to such an extent that it was deemed necessary to build a bigger Church. Two properties were bought next to the Presbytery and the site was developed for a new Roman Basilica style Church to be built.

The Church was completed in 1961.

The interior has seen different changes over the years, but now is close to its original design.

The Parish Priests of St. Teresa’s:
Fr. John Hayes 1925 – 1927
Fr. Joseph Renehan 1927 – 1941
Fr. James Rea 1941 – 1945
Fr. Denis Lucey 1945 – 1971
Fr. Timothy Barry 1971 – 1985
Mgr. McMillan 1985 – 1987
Fr. Patrick O’Donovan 1987 – 1999
Fr. John Blacker 1999 – 2004
Fr. Tom Finnegan 2004 – 2017
Fr. James Finan 2017 – Present